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Discover the ways that marketing, coaching and business mentoring will enliven your business. Bringing new ideas energising you and your team, supporting you all to develop, grow and flourish.


I am Lou and I offer two decades of marketing skill and experience from working in business to business sectors; with consumer brands such as John Lewis, Next, BHS, IKEA, Lancashire and Blackpool Tourist Board and small emerging brands. As a marketing manager, I am also at ease with public sector working. Here I have successfully developed cultural and economic development services for Lancashire County Council in partnership with other local authorities and private operators.


Let me help you reach your goals and aspirations. A fresh perspective with creative, natural ways to translate your marketing ideas into reality.  I believe new innovation comes from the magic of the right people working together, creating ideas, sometimes challenging thinking and always triumphing over challenges, be they professional or personal.


If my experience, skills and personality strike a chord and you think we could build mutual business success, click on marketing or coaching to learn more or drop me a line and lets talk.

"supporting your journey helping you flourish"

elementas works with new start-ups and SMEs wanting to branch out and grow. Business consulting, mentoring and coaching  will give you the personal support you need to make magic happen. elementas also adds some essential marketing acumen, design flair and sound people skills, creating your special formula that will bring your plans and ideas to life, ensuring you flourish.


Supporting your personal vision through a process of change and development. Daring to ask the unspoken helping to unearth and clear the root of barriers or issues. Building the basic building blocks of understanding, connecting people, building solid foundations and strengthening structures, so you can do the things you do even better.


From help with customer communications to finding new ideas and inspiration to revitalise your products and services, elementas can energise and enable you and your people. Unlocking your potential, the knowledge and tools you need to make confident decisions. That may be connecting you with new specialists or working with you  or your people on the ground, guiding tactical delivery, ensuring everyone knows their role and is heading in the same direction.


elementas nutures and brings people together. Connecting the disconnected, collaborating with people and ideas, creating excitement whilst collecting the parts that form your vision. Building trust, unlocking creativity, releasing innovation to achieve the kind of results you dream about. Anchoring down when the “seas of change” get choppy and reassuring when growing pains seem too tough to take. Sincerely holding the ground for people. Providing a safe setting where people relate, figure things out, and reach their own conclusions and

support each other to find new wisdom naturally.

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