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creative ethical consulting services for businesses

Acting as a consultant, freelancer or extra member of your team. Take confidence that elementas will support and strengthen your team. Doing just what it takes, be that preparing strategic plans and documents or getting ‘sleeves rolled up’ for some operational delivery on your behalf. Always putting people at the heart of things. Achieving results that make a difference to you and your operation. Most clients purchase days. These can be split into half days and used when you need specific support, advice, guidance or help delivering a project.


Growing your business? Creating or updating your image or

brand? Need to create a fresh look or feel?  A different brand that will attract new customers and stand out from your competition?


Or are you searching for creative stimulation, ideas or inspiring print designs or some social media "know how" to talk to your target audiences?  I can be that extra pair of hands to deal with designers, talk their language so you can get on with business.


Allow me to share my passion for marketing and design.

Let me develop or piece together your marketing strategy translating it into a practical plan. Bringing a different perspective, freshness and an innovative approach to your print, web, photography, PR, and customer copy.


Together we can get your marketing right, creating vision working to your business plan, and developing a more exciting

and sustainable bottom line. Ensuring you the best return on

your investment. How does that sound?



"When Lou was first introduced to our organisation we had no great direction regarding marketing. She was able to galvanise the thoughts and ideas of our volunteers and management team to set out a marketing strategy and plan to give us direction.


Lou mentored the team to deliver this marketing plan, building the understanding and confidence of the team. She used a coaching approach to bring about new ways of doing things. Where appropriate she took a practical lead in delivering the plan. The way in which this was done was impressive and we are delighted with the progress made over the last 7-8 months.


Lou also assisted us in a major project to raise our profile, image and aspirations. Here she organised and delivered customer research. The insights from this research have informed a major funding bid. Lou’s approach was pleasant, business-like and effective."



Need to create, invent and develop? Let "sycamore seeds"  UNLOCK YOUR POTENTIAL. grounding your ideas and new innovations.



sycamore seeds

Are you more established and experienced need  a little help to RENEW-REDESIGN-REINVENT? "oak" unlocks clarity and vision.

Just starting out? A small or young business?  "acorn" nutures and supports and is designed to help YOU flourish

acorn oak sycamore lou@elementas.co.uk