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Do you want to live more of the life you love? Let me help you find space to stand back from your daily life. Can you imagine feeling more relaxed, more peaceful, more present, more aware?  


Coaching can help. At work, in our personal life or both, some coaching support can enable us to balance the different aspects of our life. It can assist with shifting out-dated habits, beliefs or old ways of working, being or thinking. Personalised tools and practices can help you identify want you want to improve or change about your live.  We can use the 'GROW' model as a framework to explore your goals; what you want now and in the future and move to agreed actions. Give yourself permission, time and support to focus on you. Together we can explore simple, practical daily methods to help you feel calmer and more at ease. Perhaps you need a clearer mind to make decisions? Let me act as your sounding board and help you on your journey.  


In work or at home, coaching is a totally confidential relationship, suitable for all ages. It is an affordable, powerful process which brings about change. Combine with mindfulness, simple breathing, tai chi and relaxation practices to harmonise mind, body and emotions, reduce stress and anxiety, unlock creativity. And become more of who you are naturally. Coaching Sessions are-  


  • suitable for personal or business

  • carried out on a 1:1 or small in groups of 3 to 4 people

  • last 1.5- 2hrs

  • bespoke to fit your personal or business needs

  • range between 4 and 6 sessions.


Do you think coaching could support positive change in your life? To find out more or to arrange a session, speak to Lou on 07715814833 or email her.  


Lou has been coaching and mentoring over 6yrs. She is a member of the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) qualitified to Coaching Levels 3 & 5 and currenty working towards Level 7 Executive Coaching at Cumbria University.

Lou is a certified NLP practitioner, a qualified Tai Chi and Chi Kung Teacher. She has a keen interest in mindfulness and relaxation and energy techniques.

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"The coaching sessions helped build my confidence and then trust within

the workplace, allowing me to be more open with colleagues, giving me ability to cope with change." Marie (Office Manager)

Lou came highly recommended and I now know why.

On a personal level she has helped me tremendously.

I have gained further confidence in myself belief. Invaluable!

Mr Roberts (Quantity Surveyor)

lou@elementas.co.uk www.facebook.com/ElementasCoaching Tai Chi nature sm balance-rocks

"The Life the Life You Love" Group Sessions gave me time to think. I work too hard. I  realised my priority is to relax more and spend more time with my family. I have a better balance now. Thank you " Don (Company Director )